Brown Rice Protein Amino Acid Profile


Brown rice protein is one of the most common vegan protein powder ingredients.

Here’s a graph of brown rice’s standard amino acid profile:

brown rice protein amino acid profile

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Even though it’s a bit tough to see, the essential amino acids are marked with a star (*).

You can compare the amino acid profile of other protein sources against brown rice using our amino acid profile comparison tool.

Here’s the data again in table form if you prefer:

  % of total amino acids
Alanine 5.8
Arginine 8.2
Aspartic Acid 9
Cystine 2.2
Glutamic Acid 18
Glycine 4.6
Histidine* 2.4
Isoleucine* 4.5
Leucine* 8.3
Lysine* 3.1
Methionine* 2.9
Phenylalanine* 5.7
Proline 3.7
Serine 5.1
Threonine* 3.8
Tryptophan* 1.5
Tyrosine 5.5
Valine* 5.9

Overall Summary of Brown Rice Protein’s Amino Acid Profile

Brown rice is a great source of complete protein.

It contains all the essential amino acids, and its amino acids are well balanced, even more so than dairy milk.

There’s not much else to note!

Another comparable amino acid profile is spirulina, which is another great plant-based source of protein.

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Dale C.

Your friendly neighborhood vegan from Toronto. Chemical engineer turned semi-professional soccer player and freelance writer. Trying to do my small part in making the world better by writing about the wonderful world of veganism.


  • Thank you very much for your work! I myseld am an environmental engineering student looking to get into mixed martial arts and endurance competitions… We have some common ground!

  • Colin, thank you for putting this together. I have a hard time really picturing how this comparable because I do not have a whole number to base the percentages off of i.e is the total amino acids present in the protein source 1888 g’s or is it a different X? Thanks for the help

    • This is purely the distribution of amino acids in the protein brown rice.

      For example, 1 cup of brown rice is about 195 g, with 5 grams of protein.

      Since there’s 5 grams total of protein, there’s about 0.29 grams of alanine.