Is White Bread Vegan?


White bread seems like it could be vegan.

Flour, water, yeast, salt…what else do you need?

While you can make bread with just those ingredients, most white bread is not vegan.

At least not the ones you find in stores

What’s In White Bread?

bread loafs

On top of the ingredients I mentioned about, there are some common non-vegan ingredients as well:

Lecithin can be vegan, as it can come from either animal or plant sources.

The same goes for mono- and di-glycerides, which can also come from plant or animal sources.

But overall, while some brands of white bread in stores are vegan, most are not.

Classic White Wonder Bread may be vegan, but it depends on the lecithin and glycerides they use.

Verdict: White Bread Usually Isn’t Vegan

If you’re craving white bread, it’s not too difficult to make a vegan version yourself.

But if you’re offered white bread at work or a restaurant, you probably shouldn’t take it if you’re vegan.

If you really want white bread from a store, read the ingredients list carefully, and look out for the ingredients we looked at above.

The better alternative is to buy sourdough bread instead, since sourdough bread is almost always vegan.

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