Are Harvest Snaps Vegan?: Only These Flavors Are


On the Harvest Snaps website, it’s clearly stated:

“Harvest Snaps® are considered Vegetarian Friendly”

Which obviously doesn’t mean they are vegan-friendly, but it’s a good start. It turns out that about half of Harvest Snaps flavors are clearly not vegan.

The rest likely are vegan-friendly, but there’s a few things you might want to know about their ingredients that I’ll quickly go over on this page.

I’ll also break down which flavors are or are not vegan in the lists below.

Typical Ingredients in Harvest Snaps

The ingredients list for each variety differ, but here’s a typical list (for black pepper):

  • Green pea
  • Canola oil
  • Rice
  • Black pepper seasoning (maltodextrin, spice, salt, sugar, mushroom powder, onion powder, garlic powder, yeast extract, vinegar powder, natural flavors, citric acid)
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Vitamin C

Almost all of those are obviously plant-based and vegan friendly (okay, calcium carbonate is derived from rocks, not plants).

The only potential issue is the sugar. Sugar is one of those ingredients that may or may not be vegan depending on how you view the issue. It’s often filtered with bone char in North America, so see my post on is white or brown sugar vegan for a detailed look if you’re not familiar with this gray area.

In general, natural flavoring ingredients can contain animal products. However, since the company clearly stated that all flavors are at least vegetarian friendly, I’m not worried about the natural flavors here at all.

May Contain Milk

The final note is that there could be cross contamination.

All flavors are packed on the same packaging line, meaning that trace amounts of milk could be in the “vegan” flavors.

That doesn’t make them not vegan by almost anyone’s definition, but could be an issue if you have a dairy allergy. 

Which Harvest Snaps Flavors Are NOT Vegan

harvest snaps

At the end of the ingredients label, there’s a clear indication if a certain flavor contains milk.

Therefore, these Harvest Snaps Flavors are not vegan because they all contain milk ingredients:

  • Caesar
  • Parmesan roasted garlic
  • Wasabi ranch
  • White cheddar

Harvest Snaps Flavors That Are Vegan

There’s no obvious animal products besides the milk in some of the flavors. Therefore, if there’s no “contains milk” on the ingredients list for a flavor, it’s safe to assume that it’s vegan-friendly.

All of the remaining varieties have sugar included, so for now I’m going to assume that you’re okay with the risk that it was potentially filtered with bone char.

The following Harvest Snaps Flavors appear vegan-friendly:

  • Barbecue
  • Black pepper
  • Tomato basil
  • Lightly salted
  • Mango chile lime

I would feel comfortable buying any of those flavors.

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