Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Protein Review [Test Results]


Genuine Health vegan protein powder is a good option for vegans who get stomach issues from other protein powders.

  • Pros: Fermented protein blend. Mixes well, and tastes pretty good.
  • Cons: Limited flavor options. Relatively expensive.

In my search for the best vegan protein powder, I’ve tried about 40 different products.

Of those, very few use fermented protein.

It’s an interesting angle that Genuine Health has taken with this protein powder, and potentially a good idea for those who get gas or stomach problems from other vegan protein powders.

genuine health vegan protein powder packaging

Genuine Health Fermented Protein Powder

Has 7 different sources of fermented plant-based protein to make it as easy as possible to digest. Mixes perfectly and has a good overall flavor.

About Genuine Health

Genuine Health sells a variety of health supplements, including protein powder, probiotics, and prebiotics.

genuine health products

Their fermented protein is vegan friendly and comes in 3 flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and unflavored. Genuine Health also makes fermented vegan protein bars.

Is Genuine Health a Good Company?

Overall I would say that Genuine Health is a good company. It’s been around for over 20 years, and the founder has made inclusion and climate policies a big part of the company culture.

The only red flag is that their science team:

…includes leading naturopathic doctors, nutritional researchers, scientists and performance fitness experts.

Naturopathy is pseudoscience, and the research cited by these “doctors” is typically garbage quality.

With that being said, making a protein powder isn’t rocket science and doesn’t need a team of actual doctors to make a good one, it just bugs me when I see things like that.

How Much Protein Is In Genuine Health Vegan Protein?

genuine health protein powder

In terms of protein content, there’s 20 grams of protein and 120 calories per serving.

That means about 67% of calories come from protein, which is about average when compared to other vegan protein powders.

genuine health vegan protein powder nutrition facts

There’s also 33% of the daily value for iron. This is pretty common in vegan protein powders since they usually use pea protein, and peas are a good vegan source of iron. It’s nice, but you can get a similar amount in most other products.


The big thing that stands out about Genuine Health’s protein powders is that they ferment plant protein sources with non-dairy probiotics and enzymes.

This adds beneficial bacteria and makes them easier to digest. While I don’t score ingredient quality when I rank protein powders, I’ll note that this protein powder was very easy on my stomach.

Here’s the full ingredient list for the chocolate flavor:

Organic protein blend [Organic fermented yellow pea seed protein, Organic fermented brown rice seed protein, Organic hemp seed, Organic pumpkin seed, Organic flaxseed, Organic mung bean, Organic spirulina ], Organic cocoa powder, organic natural chocolate flavor, organic stevia leaf extract (steviol glycosides), xanthan gum

You can see that there’s a protein blend of several protein sources: pea, rice, hemp, pumpkin, flax, mung bean, and spirulina. But the majority of that will be pea protein, which is pretty common.

It’s sweetened with stevia like most other vegan protein powders, and has xanthan gum as a thickener.


Genuine Health’s vegan protein powder has a very typical protein content and ingredients, except for the fact that the protein sources are fermented.

Is Genuine Health Expensive Compared to Other Vegan Protein Powders?

When a company does something extra like using fermented ingredients, it’s not surprising that it generally costs more.

When compared to all the other vegan protein powders I’ve tried:

  • The average cost per 100 grams of powder is about $4
  • The cost of Genuine Health per 100 grams is about $6

In practical terms, it’s quite a bit more expensive than average.


Only 3 of the other protein powders I’ve tested are more expensive than Genuine Health. However, it still may be worth it if you’ve had stomach issues with other products.

Does Genuine Health Protein Powder Taste Good?

genuine health vegan protein shake

Arguably the most important aspect of a protein powder is whether or not it tastes good.

I rate each product I review in 2 ways regarding taste.


No one likes clumps in their protein shakes, they just have a gross texture.

To test mixability, I strain a protein shake through a fine strainer and measure the remnants.

In this case, Genuine Health essentially mixed perfectly, my scale did not register the microscopic amounts that were caught in the strainer, as seen below:

strainer from genuine health protein test


The other fermented protein powders I’ve tried up to this point have tasted pretty gross.

I was pleasantly surprised that Genuine Health protein shakes actually taste good. I rate it a 20/25, or 80% in terms of flavor.

So while it was good, it wasn’t perfect:

  • The flavor is a little too bitter (and that’s coming from someone who eats 90% dark chocolate)
  • Minor chalkiness
  • Significant aftertaste (not a particularly bad one, but still there)

I’m impressed with the overall taste of Genuine Health’s fermented vegan protein shakes, they were much better than I thought they would be.

My Overall Impression of Genuine Health Fermented Protein

Let me quickly summarize the main takeaways of this review:

  • The fermented protein is a lot easier to digest, which is great for people who get gas and stomach issues from other vegan protein powders.
  • The protein content and ingredients otherwise are pretty typical.
  • It’s quite expensive, which is the biggest weakness of this product.
  • It mixes and tastes quite good.

So if you’ve had stomach problems in the past with protein powder, I do recommend this one. However, if that’s not a big concern, then having fermented protein sources doesn’t make a huge difference and there are better choices in my opinion.

Alternatives to Genuine Health Vegan Protein Powder

  1. Overall value: Future Kind – My number 1 overall value pick for vegan protein powder is Future Kind. It tastes great, is reasonably priced, and has an amazing protein content. Here’s my Future Kind protein powder review.
  2. High quality ingredients: Nuzest Clean Lean – In my opinion, Nuzest is arguably the best tasting vegan protein powder, it’s just expensive. If budget isn’t a problem for Genuine Health, Nuzest may be a better alternative because it tastes better and has a higher protein content. You can see my full Nuzest vegan protein powder review for more detail.
  3. Budget alternative: Now Sports Pea Protein – No other decent protein powder comes close to the price of Now Sports. Its taste is comparable to Genuine Health, but it’s much more budget friendly. Here’s my Now Sports vegan protein review.

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