The 30 Best Raw Vegan Diet Protein Sources [Table]


The good thing about a vegan diet is that most foods can be eaten raw without any safety concerns.

The main plant protein source that you miss out on a raw vegan diet are legumes, but seeds, nuts, and vegetables are all good options.

I’ve compiled a detailed list of the best raw protein sources for vegans, which are pulled from our main page on vegan protein.

High Protein Raw Vegan Sources Table

This list is ordered by the percentage of calories that come from protein.

If you’re not worried about macros so much, just sort by the raw protein quantity column.

FoodProtein (g) per 100gProtein (g) per 100 calories
Hemp seeds31.65.7
Pistachio nuts20.23.6
Pumpkin seeds18.54.2
Sesame seeds17.73.1
Chia seeds16.53.4
Brazil nut14.32.2
Pine nuts13.72.0
Buckwheat groats11.73.4
Collard greens3.512.0
Mustard greens2.910.7
Water spinach2.613.3

The Top 6 Raw Vegan Protein Foods

Let’s take a closer look at the best protein sources in terms of protein per 100 gram serving, since that’s where you’ll be getting most of your protein from.

1. Hemp Seeds

When it comes to raw nutrition, hemp seeds are amazing.

They have 31.6 grams of protein per 100 gram serving, and they are also one of the seeds with the best omega 3 to 6 ratio, as well as a good source of iron.

2. Peanuts

Even though peanuts are technically a legume, they digest fairly easily even when raw, and most people have no issues with them. With 25.8 grams per serving, they can be an important source of plant protein on a raw vegan diet.

Note that while there are raw nut butters, most “regular” peanut butter will be cooked and processed. Unless you have access to specialty foods, that means your peanuts will have to be eaten in whole form.

3. Almonds

high fat nuts

In terms of tree nuts, almonds are the best type for protein. Not only do they taste good raw, there’s 21.1 grams of protein per 100 grams of nuts.

Unfortunately, almonds have a terrible omega 3 to 6 fat ratio even among nuts, which means you don’t want to rely on them for protein too heavily

4. Pistachio Nuts

The final nut that makes the very top of this list are pistachio nuts. They have a better omega fat ratio than almonds, but it’s still not great.

Still, they have 20.2 grams of protein per 100 grams, but are typically more expensive than most other types of nuts.

5. Seeds (Pumpkin, Flax, Sesame, Chia)

Seeds are an amazing source of protein, iron, and overall nutrition on a vegan diet, whether you only eat raw foods or not.

I’ve grouped these together here because they have a similar amount of protein per 100 grams:

  • Pumpkin seeds – 18.5 grams
  • Flaxseed – 18.3 grams
  • Sesame seeds – 17.7 grams
  • Chia seeds – 16.5 grams

6. Oats

vegan keto overnight oats

Oats have a lot of carbohydrates, but a decent amount of protein. They are used in a lot of protein bars and related recipes to improve the taste and texture without affecting macros too much.

They are arguably the easiest whole grain to eat raw, and you can eat them dry or soak them overnight.

Should You Use Raw Vegan Protein Powder?

It’s already hard to get enough protein on a vegan diet, let alone on a raw vegan diet.

If you’re not getting enough, consider buying a protein powder.

While there aren’t too many raw vegan protein powders, there are some like Garden of Life Raw Fit. They don’t taste as good and often cost more than non-raw options, but it’s better than nothing.

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